Letter to Aspen Times: From Patti Stranahan

I recently lost a close friend who spent the last 18 months of her life at Heritage Park Care Center, first in assisted living and then, as her health failed following several strokes, in the skilled nursing section. For the last month of my friend's life, I was there several times a day and able to observe the excellent care provided by the kind, caring and dedicated staff; I cannot speak more highly of their commitment to their clients' well-being.


It is so difficult to observe our loved ones in discomfort, and we strive to do all we can to ease their pain. I felt that every request I made to Heritage on her behalf was honored and every attempt was made to fulfill her needs. She was treated with the utmost dignity, respect and loving care. I am very grateful to the wonderful folks at Heritage Park. How fortunate we are to have this facility in our community.

From Hannah:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting me into your second home at Heritage Park. From being welcomed with flowers to being able to walk out after two weeks on crutches to all the wonderful nurses, aids, PTs and OTs, thank you for a great experience in rehab after my accident. You have been wonderful!


From Gates family:

My dad entered Heritage Park unable to sit up on the bed and unable to walk. On day 100, my dad went home able to transfer, walk and sit on the side of bed. It is with heartfelt gratitude from my family for the wonderful and awesome care from all of the amazing staff. We will be eternally grateful to you all for making the stay for my dad the best he has ever had. You all are wonderful and we as the Gates family cannot thank you enough. In our eyes, you are the best facility in the nation and deserve to be nominated as the best, "Whatever It Takes and Then Some" facility of the year! Love and Prayers Always, Gates family.

Google + Review from Halley McDonald:

This facility is great. My mom had to go here for a short time after she broke her hip and leg (I live out of state). They were extremely helpful through the process of getting her into the facility, they did all of the correspondence with insurance to get her a low rate, and I genuinely felt they were always looking out for the best interest of my mom.

When my mom got to the facility, she said she was very pleased with her stay. Their physical therapy and occupational therapy services made a huge difference in her recovery and she appreciated how all of the staff really cared. Even administrative staff chipped in at the dining hall. They had a variety of entertainment - including professional musicians from Aspen.

My mind was at ease knowing my mom was at Heritage Park. I would recommend them to anyone that needs rehabilitation care.

A Note from the Tallmadge Family

We want to extend our heart-felt thanks to you and all the staff at Heritage Park Care Center for the wonderful care of our mother. Mother was treated with such caring kindness and respect. Compassion is shared in so many ways, and the staff here have shared it so well!

From the Karr Family

I am not sure words can do justice for the gratitude I have for Heritage Park Care Center. My mom came to stay initially to recover from a hip replacement and to have the physical therapy she would need. Soon, it became apparent that she would need to stay where she could receive more care. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the staff were exceptional. They cared for mom, treating her with respect and dignity. They encouraged her to participate in activities, while respecting her privacy as well. Every single member of the staff knew her name and greeted her each time they crossed paths, they even knew my name.


I can only imagine the challenges you face each day while trying to meet all your resident’s needs. You all do an amazing job of it. Our valley is blessed to have you and my family can’t thank you enough.

From the Gannett Family

I want to thank everyone for the incredible care my mom received while she was with you. All of you treated her with respect and more importantly with love. When she was in assisted living and she wanted a job to feel more useful you found her one she was able to do. It meant a lot to her and made her very happy. Also when I took her to spend weekends with me her meds were always ready for us and even though it was extra work, no one ever acted like it was a problem. When she moved to skilled nursing you got her out to do activities she enjoyed and offered her chocolate ice cream when her favorite meal wasn’t available.


All of you also took care of me. You made me feel welcome, offered suggestions, helped me make decisions and when I needed it, gave me a hug. When my mom was dying someone even sat with me so I wouldn’t be alone. There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation I have for you. You added quality of life for my mom and made a difficult time easier for me.